Chronic pain? Need help?

Jump online and I can help you with identifying your pain patterns and prescribing specific exercises to keep your pain away.

If you have been to a medical professional several times and still not been able to get a firm diagnosis or relief then get in touch. Contrary to your deepest fears most chronic pain is actually a simple case of bad posture and muscle holding patterns that cause shortening and restrictive circulation.

If your medical professional’s only advice is to prescribe you pain killers with no clear diagnosis then this online session can help you find a solution.

Here is how I will work with you:

  • Step 1: Assess your pain patterns
  • Step 2: Identify dysfunctional muscles
  • Step 3: Prescribe you specific exercises to keep those muscles and structures pain free (video links will mailed to you)
  • Step 4: Guide you over web conference to make sure you do those exercises right.


map your pain in 3D check your pain symptoms
Map your Pain Analysis
Your personal pain report fix your pain 
Exercises Practice

Session costs: $30 (Deposit $5)

Session time: 90 minutes

Web conference link will be mailed to you when you mkae your confirmation deposit.

Helping people in pain is easy!

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