Anatomy of Thai Massage - Advanced Thai Massage Practitioner Training

If you are a practising Thai Massage Therapist, then this course is the next step in your evolution by learning the simple techniques that will help you identify target areas on your client and be able to deliver pressure with ease. 

Course Description

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Often as massage therapists, we tend to abuse our thumbs and fingers while delivering deep pressure to our demanding clients. By evolving to techniques that use elbows, knees, and other tools, we can give firm pressure with ease. The basic principle is to make gravity your friend by adopting a posture that stacks bones and locks joints correctly thus allowing the right amount of body weight to flow into the targetted tissue. In this Advanced Thai Massage course, you will also learn to palpate the SEN for blockages and analyse the posture of your client to quickly identify areas/ channels to work on. 

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