Thai Yoga Massage Intermediate Level Course

The Thai Massage intermediate course teaches you techniques to work on the back and hip and is, therefore, essential for anyone planning to make a serious profession out of Thai massage.

You will also learn how to work on a client in prone (lie on stomach), side and seated position. These learnings are critical as not all clients may be comfortable in the supine position and are often unable to lie in the same position for one hour. As a bodyworker, you need to keep moving your client into different positions every 30-40 minutes, and therefore you must know how to work in any and all of these positions.

At the end of this training, you will have learned an additional 2 hours of Thai Massage techniques. When combined with what you have learned in Level 1 you will now be able to change your session every time to suit your client's specific needs vs. offering the same sequence every time.

The course offers the ability to work holistically (including the back and hips) on a range of clients with differing levels of mobility providing them a customized session and a unique experience every time. The student will also learn experientially, the functional anatomy of the hip, back, and pelvis in relation to the legs and feet in the gravity field. The course will enable the therapist to work with a variety of clients and help them manage common conditions like lower back pain or shoulder pain while increasing their overall flexibility. 

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