The origin of Toksen bodywork is credited to the farmers of Thailand. After a long day's work on the farm, the were in need of some pain relief. Not having access to all the stretching and compression techniques of Traditional Thai massage, the farmers evolved a more simple technique.

A wooden hammer is used to strike a  mallet as it moves along the Sen (channels). Its rhythmic tapping and sound have not only a deep vibrational effect on the fascia of the body, but also induces deep relaxation with its steady staccato sound. The rhythm helps to open the channels and free any myofascial adhesions or other chronic pain disorders.

Legend says that the best Tok Sen mallet and hammer comes from the wood of a tamarind tree struck by lighting. Once carved, a Buddhist monk blesses it, giving it special healing powers. We are on the lookout for a tamarind tree that has been struck by lighting. In the meanwhile we will provide students a free wooden mallet and hammer made from more commonly available wood!


Toksen Schedules

We are planning courses for this venue soon please write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +1 (913) 215-1277 (USA) +91-9449837130 or +91-9620378868 (INDIA) for specific dates.

Helping people in pain is easy!

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