Thai Massage Training Videos

We are one of the few Thai Massage Schools in the world that offer our Thai Massage course videos online for FREE. We do this because we know that our students will excel only once they go home and practice. To help you practice we offer almost all the techniques you will be or were taught in our courses online. While these techniques remain the same across most Thai Massage schools there are key differences in how we build tactile perception and postural analysis into the techniques of Thai Massage. If you are not a student of the School of Thai Massage but have learn these sequences in some other school we request you to at least apprise yourself of the basic contra-indications of Thai Massage before practicing and keep in mind the precautions you have been taught in your Thai Massage training.

More importantly we invite you join us to learn Thai Massage with feeling and understanding by joining one of our course.

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Do browse through our videos that are arranged by Basic and Intermediate course content.

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Thai Massage Training Videos - Basic Course in Supine Position Level 1


Watch training videos of Thai Massage with basic techniques to work on the Feet, arms, legs, head and face. Part of our 5 day 30 hours Basic Course.

Thai Massage Training Videos - Intermediate Course Level 2


Watch training videos of Thai Massage with intermediate level of techniques to work on the Feet, arms, legs, back and hips. The techniques are done with the client in Side Lying and Prone (lying on their Stomach). These videos are part of our 5 day 30 hours Intermediate Course.

Upcoming Intensive Thai Massage courses

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Upcoming Special Thai Massage courses

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