The massage courses at the School of Thai Massage have been designed from a background of extensive training experience of our instructor. Our methodology is built on six essential parameters of:

  • Body Mechanics: At the School of Thai Massage we will teach you the right application of strokes and body posture so that you use minimal effort and can deliver a two-hour massage with ease. Ergonomics is critical for a safe and long career as a therapist.
  • Rhythm & Breath: Breath and flow create in a practitioner, the right rhythm for healing. The ideal rhythm makes the Thai Massage experience a meditation for both the receiver and themselves.
  • Emphasis on Anatomy: Knowing the bodies anatomical structure elevates a practitioner's ability to work therapeutically. A therapist must have a sense of locating the Channels of the Body (Sen) and pressure points. With our research into Trigger point therapy and anatomy trains, your work in Thai Yoga Massage is truly therapeutic.
  • Memorization Techniques: Memorization enables you to focus on improving your technique and moving your practice into an intuitive state rather than spending time remembering the next sequence. It also ensures that you get more practice time so you can graduate to a state of play and improvisation in your practice.
  • Hands on Instruction: As our class size is limited to six students per instructor, each student gets one-on-one time with the instructor to experience what each sequence feels like and then deliver it on the instructor to understand the location of points, lines, and pressure.
  • Refreshing your skills: To assist with post course internalization School of Thai Massage provides video support of almost 90% of its course material to its students on the web across the world. Also, School of Thai Massage is one of the few schools in the world that lets you retake a course free of charge (excluding boarding and lodging) anywhere we are teaching in the world.

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Cobra pose in Thai MassageThai Massage Training for Spa Therapists

Besides conducting Thai Massage courses for individuals, School of Thai Massage also conducts training for some of the most successful Spas in India. We look forward to working with spas in the US who are interested in presenting their clients the authentic therapeutic effect of traditional Thai Massage.

For those spas that meet our mission of representing and developing authentic Thai Massage (i.e. Thai Massage performed on the floor with the client fully dressed and without the use of oils etc.), we will be happy to create and sculpt a special package and signature products for your brand.

We also offer recruitment consultancy service, spa management services, and marketing services for our clients based on our faculty's extensive managerial and marketing experience.

Click here to Inquire or call us at (United States) +1-913-375-0716 (India) +91-9663310501 or write into [email protected]

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