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Nevada City, California and Bangalore and Mysore in India

We believe that a good therapist needs to develop a sense of touch coupled with an anatomical understanding of the human body. To help our students do that, we take them on a journey exploring their bodies to deepen their experience and analysis.

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To register or inquire regarding our Thai Massage courses click here or just send us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +1 (913) 215-1277 (US) or +91-9449837130 (INDIA)

1 to 4 teacher student ratio free retraining tactile skill development

1 : 4 Teacher/ Student Ratio

Get personal attention and time from the instructors. Get personal feedback and customized tips.

Free Retraining

Retake any course you have already done as many time as you like for FREE. 

Tactile Skill Development

Learn to feel for blockages and dysfunctional tissue. Elevate the effectiveness of your practice.

anatomy based teaching One on one instruction

Anatomy Based Teaching

Appreciate the effectiveness of Thai Massage from an anatomical framework. Demystify and understand your work.

One on One Training

Get every move demonstrated on you and then practice each one on an instructor. Eliminate guesswork and achieve perfection.



Helping people in pain is easy!

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