Thai Yoga Massage for Therapists, Bodyworkers, Yogi's

Join the School of Thai Massage 15 day level one and two advanced practice in Thai Yoga Massage. This course is for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Physical Therapists, Yoga Instructors, and Fitness Instructors or anyone interested in Buddhist Meditation or Alternative Therapies. Learn the Meditation of Massage with the art of Thai Massage using breath, rhythm and flow rooted in strong technique and clinical knowledge of the body and its systems.  The ancient art of Thai Massage incorporates techniques from Yoga and Chinese Medicine such as acupressure, trigger point therapy, and compression. In this course, you will learn a balance of anatomy and physiology of Thai Massage, History and Theory, and how to develop your intuition and rhythm while performing a treatment. Thai Massage includes assisted yogic poses with the use of breath and specificdeep work.  This therapy is complementary to yoga, massage and bodywork modalities, physical therapy and fitness and meditations for those looking to blends elements together to make a rewarding and deep practice. 

Level One Course Content:

we recommend those interested in treating clients on a professional basis take both Level One and Two sequentially.

  •  30 hours (5 days)
  • History and theory of Thai massage including benefits/ contra-indications. Theory of Thai SEN (Energy Lines) from the perspective of prana flow.             
  • Science behind Thai Yoga Massage derived from our research on Myo-fascial therapies like Trigger Point therapy.
  • 50 massage sequences
  • Use of various palming, thumbing and elbow techniques. Using gravity, posture, breathing and rhythm effectively to deliver the therapy.
  • Concepts of  Thai SEN (Meridians) and flow of the same over legs and arms followed by palming and  thumbing Techniques on the SEN.  
  • Students will be able to perform a 1 1/2 session.
  • Chants and prayers for healing and compassion.
  • Breath work and meditation  for practitioners.

Course Fees: $ 500

Level Two Course Content:

Course Content:

  • 30 hours (5 days)
  • This course continues the learning from Level One by adding seated position, side position and prone (facing down).
  • 70 massage sequences
  •  Thai energy lines ( SEN Lines) of the back 
  • Transition poses to merge one and two together
  • Anatomy of the hip, back and pelvis and its relation to the legs and feet
  • Students will be able to perform upon completion of both courses a 1 ½ to 3 hour Thai Massage therapy session.

Course Fee: $500 


Plaza Wellspring

1900 West 47th Place in Suite 328 on the Northwest corner on 47th and State Line Road in Westwood, Kansas 

For more details please click here, call us at 913-375-0716 or write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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