Thai Massage Appointments & Therapy Sessions

Alumni of the School of Thai Massage are located in various parts of the world and in India. Please feel free to contact the therapist below as per their restrictions. 


Name City Location Charges Restrictions Contact
Kiran Chennai Adyar, South Chennai at your residence Rs.1000 onwards Men & Women +91-9840694904
Chandrashekar Bangalore Koramangla Rs.1200/- for 90 min Men & Women +91-9844725365
Rashmi Bangalore Malleswaram Rs.1800 Women only rashmi9944@
Jasetha Bangalore Kamnahalli Rs.2000/hr Women only Jasetha@

These listings are not an endorsement. You requested to contact the therapist with your specific conditions. Please inform the therapist in advance if you have any of the following conditions:

High Blood Pressure/ Diabetes

Heart Disease/ Previous history of strokes

Cancer/ Fever

Thrombosis/ Varicose Veins/ Pregnancy

Thai Massage cannot be done for cancer patients or those with severe High Blood Pressure.

Upcoming Intensive Thai Massage courses

There are no up-coming events

Upcoming Special Thai Massage courses

There are no up-coming events

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