Sen Sumana

Thai SEN: Sumana / Sushumana


Works with Sense of taste and smell. Is related to digestive issues, abdominal pain. SEN Sumana also used to with relation to chest problem, hiccups, asthma, spasm of the diaphragm, nausea and cold. All Chakras are located on this Line.  Similar to the yogic nadi shushmana.

Anatomy Chain:

Major: Starts from the Navel to the Tongue following the sternum and up the Neck.
Minor Line 1: Starts from the Navel and goes around the back of the spinal column up along the skull and to the front over the face finishing in the tongue.
Minor Line 2: Starts from the sternum at the fourth rib runs to both arms in level with the Armpits. Heading towards the armpit runs between the short head of the Biceps Brachi and the Triceps Brachi to the ulnar edge of the forearm. along the posterior side of the forearm. It then runs along the side of the palm finishing at the end of the little finger.
Minor Line 3: Starts at the sternal head of the SCM muscles follows along the clavicle down the medial deltoid between the long head of the Biceps Brachii and lateral head of the Triceps Brachi. Once it crosses the elbow, it goes along the Brachio Radialiis to the anterior edge of the Thumb.
Minor Line 4: Starts from the intersection of Minor Line 1 from the C7 vertebra along posterior deltoid follows the coracobrachialis and then join the Minor Line 2 at the forearm.
Minor 5: Starts at the Perineum down between the Semi Membranous and Garcilis to go between the two Gastroc muscles. It then follows down the Calcaneal tendon and along the Plantar to finish at the big toe

Therapy Application:

Line 3 Inside on the legs, Point 0 of the back of the head. Chest Points in chest massage.

Myofascial Meridian:

The superficial back line on the legs. Deep back line on the back.

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