Administration: Cathleen

School Administrator and Therapist CathleenFor the past twenty years, Cathleen Fitzpatrick (Shambhavi Prajna) has been developing a greater sense of understanding for the body through movement training and dance. This quest of realizing the body/mind connection brought her to India where she found her spiritual master. She lived on in India for over six years in a small Buddhist yogic community in the Himalayas studying meditation.

Over the past year, Shambhavi has taken several Thai Massage courses in Thailand and India and has been apprenticing with Cyriac. Today she is a Certified Thai Massage therapist and teacher. Having also studied over 600 hours of Hatha, Traditional Ashtanga Yoga, and Yoga Therapy, Cathleen incorporates these talents into her approach to healing, which is very muscle specific. She has a genuine gift for recognizing and targeting imbalances in the body. Cathleen works intuitively combining tissue manipulation with yogic techniques to facilitate the alignment of the body,  movement recovery, and performance enhancement. Currently, Cathleen helps with the administration of the School and volunteers as a model for demonstration and practice in class.

The core of her bodywork includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and incorporates Myofascial Release into the healing process.




Helping people in pain is easy!

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