School of Thai Massage Course certification

On completion of our Thai Massage Training, you will receive a certification that is recognized globally by the World Massage Federation an organization credentialing the practice and teaching of Thai Yoga Massage across the world. On the basis of our certificate you can contact agencies in your Picture of Actual TYMS certificatecountry to insure your practice.  See sample certificate.

In India one can practice TYM on the basis of our certificate provided you have TRADE Licence/ SHOP and ESTABLISHMENT  Licence available from your local corporation or council.

In case you have lost of damaged your certificate please write to us requesting a duplicate copy which can be mailed to you. Postage and printing charges will be payable.

Please click here to register for our courses or contact us at shambhavi  or call us in the US at +1-9133750716 and in India at +91-9663310501.

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