Nevada City, California:  A little town, big on attracting new age travellers from across the world. At one time a gold mining town, today Nevada City is known for farming, Yoga, and the Yuba River. There are some great locations worth exploring near the Sierra Nevada foothills along the banks of the Yuba. In the summer months, the Yuba is a great place for a swim along its several hidden beaches.

Expanding Light Retreat Center: One of the world’s most respected locations for beauty, peace, yoga, and meditation. Enjoy learning Thai Massage in this ideal setting for rejuvenation and personal growth. Set in 700 acres of rolling landscape of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the retreat centre is ideal for long nature walks and contemplation.

Enjoy delicious organic veg meals made from ingredients grown at the centre with free daily yoga and meditation classes (for residents students only) in addition to the Thai massage instruction.

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