Swatantra: Pain Remedial course for Yoga Therapist and Bodyworkers

Perhaps you are a massage therapist who would like to save time on connecting your client’s referred pain patterns to its associated trigger points? Maybe you are a yoga instructor who wants to identify the muscles that can help your clients to attain greater flexibility? Or maybe you are looking at starting a career in healing/ bodywork?

SwaTanTra is a technique based on a proven anatomical pain relief protocol called Trigger Point therapy to provide quick and immediate pain relief for common chronic pain and achieve greater muscle length. It combines the compression techniques from Thai Massage and stretching from Yoga to provide a powerful and fast solution to pain. 

SwaTanTra uses a mobile app to analyze client’s pain patterns and identify dysfunctional muscle groups using the Trigger Point (TrP) framework. Students will then be taught how to palpate for TrPs on dysfunctional muscles, and help release, and stretch them using techniques adapted from Thai Massage. The entire course is conducted over one day - Six hours with formal certification. Successful candidates will be certified as SwaTanTra Therapist and will receive a free one-year subscription to the SwaTanTra Pro Mobile App worth ($20/year) along with a one year listing of their services on the SwaTanTra App and website.

The SwaTanTra Therapist course is a one-day training conducted over 6-hours where you will learn:

  1. To use the SwaTanTra Pro Mobile App to analyze your client's restrictions and pain patterns to identify dysfunctional/ shortened muscles that are causing pain or restriction of movement.
  2. You will learn how to locate the blockages(trigger point) on those dysfunctional muscles
  3. You will learn how to safely apply ischemic compression on the muscle.
  4. Finally, you will learn how to execute stretches on your client that will keep the pain away.

During the course, you will get detailed instructions on how to unlock the various features of SwaTanTra Pro and build a vocation as a SwatanTra therapist.


  • Must speak and understand English
  • Must have a Android (Android 5 plus or more) or iOS phone (Iphone 5 or higher)
  • Able to do basic movements and will require kneeling/ sitting on the floor


Helping people in pain is easy!

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