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How many levels should I do?

That depends on what your objective of learning Thai Yoga Massage is. If you only wish to see what Thai Massage is about or intend to practice on family and friends, then Basic (Level 1) is sufficient. If you intend to practice professionally, you should do at the least two levels, i.e., Intermediate (Level 2), so you can work on all areas including the back.

What qualifications are required to study Thai Massage?

Since the medium of instruction is English our international students must have fairly good command over the language to get the best our of the Thai Massage Training. Our instructors do know Hindi and Kannada however more complex anatomical structures must be explained in English. Students should have the basic mobility of limbs and genuine interest to help and heal people.


Does the School of Thai Massage provide any certification on completion of the course?

The Basic course offers 60 hours certification (10 days X 6 hours) course. Please see sample certification here. The advanced course is a 30 hours certificationsSample Thai Massage certification

How can I practice a professional therapist after this course?

Cyriac completed his Thai Massage Teacher training course six years ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is the member of the World Massage Federation. He is also an approved provider for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for Basic and Advanced level for licensed massage therapists in the United States. On the basis of the certificate you receive after our course you can contact agencies in your country to insure your practice if such insurance services are available in your country.  CEUs for US-based Licensed Massage therapist are available only for course conducted by Cyriac. To practice legally anywhere in the world you need to have all necessary licenses from your local council, pay your local/ national taxes and have a  legal work status. Concerning practicing in the United States, you will need to contact your state or county to understand the specific licensing laws pertaining to Therapy. Typically you will need to sit and clear a licensing board exam with NCBTMB/MBLex/State Massage Board. Please read this great article on how you can get to practice legally in India or the United States.

Can I join the Advanced course without doing Level 1 and 2?

Yes, if you have done a 60-hour course of Thai Yoga Massage previously consisting of all the fundamental movements in supine, side, prone and seated position.

Do I have to do the Intro course before I can join Level 1?


What are the career opportunities after doing a course in Thai Massage?

In the United States, Thai  Massage is a favorite form of therapy and pays from $40-70  for a session. Most Thai Yoga Massage practitioners in the Europe work with existing Spas or clinics which have a commercial license and third party insurance that are required for operating. Most of our students in other parts of the world practice free-lance and develop their clientele informally.
Thai Massage, in particular, lends itself well to free-lance work as it is a dry massage done on the floor fully clothed. Due to this Thai Massage requires no oil, cream, towels, table, shower, sauna or even a shop. Thai Massage practice can be done as home visits where the therapist can carry a portable mat and pillow and get clients through the phone and local advertising. Here is an article on how you can practice Thai Massage formally in the United States and India.

Who will be the instructor?

The class is conducted by Cyriac, who is the lead instructor of the School of Thai Massage. There may also be an assistant/ ex-students who come for free retraining working with him in the class.  He will cover all aspects of the theory and is available on the floor to guide all the students.

Do I need to know anatomy to learn TYM

It is not necessary, but knowing anatomy helps you understand better the effect of your work and provides you an analysis of the client’s problems.

How do I enroll for the course?

Please visit these registration link in the main menu and fill in your details we will respond to you in 24 hours. As we have a maximum of six seats for the course, we require those joining the course to book their seats by paying a 30% nonrefundable deposit for the course. Please review the cancellation policy for more details. This confirmation advance can be paid by Paypal, credit/debit card, check, and net banking.

What is the Cancellation/ Refund Policy

After May 2015

The confirmation is done by making a 30% deposit of the course fee. This deposit is nonrefundable. However under humanitarian conditions, we may consider transferring your participation to another schedule if and where possible.

What can I do if I do not remember some of the movements I have learned in the course?

School of Thai Massage is the only Thai massage school in the world that understands this problem and provides 90% of the course material as videos online. Further, our alumni can repeat any course they have already taken with us at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We understand that Thai Massage can be a  complicated skill to learn in one course. Therefore, we offer to our student's free repetitions as many times as they need.  Alumni can join our Thai Massage Training whenever they happen at any venue.  They will need to pay the board and lodging if applicable in that place.

Does the course fees include accommodation and fees?


What are the differences between School of Thai Massage and Thai Massage Schools in Thailand?

The sequences and techniques in Basic Level course in the School of Thai Massage are the same as most other popular schools in Thailand or across the world. The key difference with this course is that you will learn the WHY and HOW of a certain technique, based on human anatomy. This ensures that students do not blindly follow a sequence given to them but instead adapt the techniques and sequences based on the requirements of the client.

After completing a Thai Massage course, can I start offering massage professionally?

Yes, provided you can maintain the required flow of movement and breathing. Like any other skill in the world we recommend to students to practice for free on friends and family until you come to the day when people request you for a massage on their own. Usually, we suggest that any one wishing to practice Thai Massage should give at least 100 massages free before starting to charge money. You should, of course, comply with your local laws when practicing.

After completing a Thai Massage course where can I go and study more about Thai Yoga Massage?

We recommend that you join advanced TYM courses only and do not repeat the basic level courses as the content for them is similar to Level 1 and 2 you learn with us (which you can repeat for free as many times as you want!). We also highly recommend Master Pichest Boonthume for higher TYM studies with the caution that you should go to him once you have mastered the basic levels of Thai Massage.

Is there an examination at the end of each level? And what is it?

Yes, there is. All students will be required to conduct a two-hour massage maintaining the flow of breath and movement to create a harmonious effect on the client. You might be asked to demonstrate this on your fellow student or the instructor. Only on successfully completing each level can you move to the next level.

Can I have private lessons at my home?

Yes provided you are willing to learn over a ten day at a stretch and can pay the price for four students in total or get some more student to join you at your home. You can also download the hosting guide here if you would like to organize a course in your community.

Do you have evening or weekend classes?

Yes, we will soon start conducting weekend course in Bangalore. Please register here to express your interest for it and we will contact you as soon as the schedule starts.

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